Aluminium Windows and Doors When you need a lightweight construction and when it comes to glazing large areas, strength and durability of aluminum joinery comes first.

For aluminum, you can expect only perfection, high insulating ability and high level of finish processing.

For ease of understanding, aluminum joinery manufacturers have introduced typology. Typology are typical, representative prefabricated elements that can be installed alone or by combining with other typologies can make complex aluminum positions.

Typology of aluminum products can be divided into 3 groups of elements, namely:

• Fixed positions (non-opening elements),

• Windows

• The door (opening elements).

These elements can be put together to any type of Alu positions that meet the needs of the client. Typologies also facilitate production planning and calculation of prices of major orders because by addition, subtraction, or adjusting their parameters, one can easily predict the overall order parameters.

Advantages of Aluminium joinery:

• It shows high resistance to weathering and generally better durability and service life

• Excellent thermal and sound insulation

• The aesthetic appearance of the profile, and a large selection of colors to meet different desires

• It is lighter than PVC and can be used to create bigger profiles for business offices etc.

• Suitable for use in areas with high temperatures and intense sunlight.

• Easy maintenance

• It is a material of natural origin, which is fully recyclable and does not impact negatively on the environment and human health.

Aluminium doors and windows with their characteristics meets the high standards of today's market for high quality joinery that requires minimal maintenance. With its strength aluminum profiles ensure static stability of the installed elements, they are very light and therefore a long life of the built-in element is secured.

It is also very important that these profiles also achieves savings of thermal energy and their smooth surface is much easier to maintain. Great choice of colors does not inhibit the exercise of architectural solutions so architects like to resort to this material.