PVC material is number one in overall windows production.

New times bring new materials and ways of using them to improve various aspects of life. Thus, PVC entered into our lives amongst other things, in order to reduce investment accounts and the furnishing of the apartment. PVC can reduce the bill for heating in winter. Also, in summer it ensures less heat entering the apartment - which in turn reduces the cost of using air-conditioning. In the long run, it is well worth the cost. Favorable price-quality ratio makes the PVC your first choice when renovating or building a house. Benefits of PVC over other materials are numerous, here are a few:

• Easy to maintain - occasionally needs wipeing with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water, and lubricate some parts as required by the manufacturer's instructions;

• No painting is required- PVC is manufactured in several colors that can meet your needs so that subsequent painting is not needed;

• • No rust and decay - wood and metal elements are subject to rotting and rusting which is not the case here, unlike the wooden elements here no additional protection is required;

• No deformation - plastic profiles are strong and durable, resistant to shocks and do not absorb water;

• Resistant to burning - plastic profiles will burn only if exposed to excessive heat, this material is labeled as self-extinguishing;

• Excellent thermal and sound insulation - Modern windows are made of two layers of glass separated by an inert gas, usually argon - which in combination with PVC frames, even greater success in reducing heat loss is achieved.

• Available in various styles, with different capabilities - that can meet different needs;

• Ecologycally justified - even though plastic takes a long time to decompose in nature, it is commendable that PVC materials can be recycled and also energy-saving in their making;

• Easy to install!

Juginus for its production of PVC uses exclusively profiles by renowned producer VEKA. VEKA in a wide range of products offers profiles with a diverse possibilities of use: from windows and sliding doors to the blinds and shutters. More than 1600 different profiles are at your disposal.

We hereby present you the most signifficent ones. Select on the menu to the left the desired product group and obtain an adequate offer of VEKA system profiles.